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The TRIQUEST MMA and Fitness Academy started as a centre of excellence for the pursuit and training of genuine, practical Martial Arts, Self Defence and Combat Sports in Hong Kong. We bring you the best instructors, training methods and techniques which have been tested and proven in professional tournaments and real life situations around the world.

TRIQUEST MMA and Fitness Academy is for all ages, genders, fitness levels and intents. Whether it is competition, self defence or simply to get fit, you are guaranteed to learn skills that last a lifetime and meet some great people along the way! We do not just cater to the young and athletic type - we genuinely want to help all people in a supportive environment. We will help you learn at your pace, and challenge you to achieve your best.

At TRIQUEST MMA and Fitness Academy, our members are balanced individuals who enjoy health and fitness through exciting combat forms of martial art. There are no opponents, only training partners, engaged in a co-operative learning experience aimed to make each other better. Training is conducted in a clean, safe, fun and friendly environment incorporating etiquette, with a code of conduct and respect for others. The benefits of training at TRIQUEST:

Become proficient in popular and contemporary martial arts.
Boost your self confidence and awareness.
Make new friends.
Improve your health and fitness.
Improve your strength and stamina.
Become a Champion!

Our Philosophy is defined by our name, and expressed in our logo. TRI - (Three) is the relationship or symbolic union that is all around us, whether in nature or conscious action - Mind, Body, Spirit; Man, Heaven, Earth. QUEST - Definition (from the Cambridge English Dictionary): 'a long or arduous search for something that is difficult to find, or an attempt to achieve something difficult'. The "Tri-V" logo was inspired by Julius Caesar, the Great Roman Military Leader and Emperor, who wrote the words "Veni, Vidi, Vici", translated into English as "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered".

Our members come to learn, practice, train and eventually become skilled after many hours, days and years, seeking knowledge and perfection within, in the hopes that one day they will enjoy the inner satisfaction that only a few will ever be privileged to know.


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